Behavioral Health

UCLA behavioral health clinics ensure you have access to the mental health services you need. We offer a range of treatments in settings convenient for you.

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UCLA Health approach to behavioral health

We designed the UCLA Behavioral Health Associates (BHA) clinics to support patients’ emotional well-being. We work in partnership with UCLA Health primary care physicians so that patients receive comprehensive care for mind and body.

Highlights of our program include:

Recognized excellence: When you choose UCLA Health, you are choosing a team of established experts. We have achieved national recognition for our exceptional care, with U.S. News & World Report ranking us fifth in the nation for psychiatry.

Access to care: We provide advanced behavioral health services in multiple locations so you can find care close to home. Many of our providers also offer telemedicine appointments so you can complete a visit from the comfort of your own home.

Range of treatment options: We offer psychiatric stabilization with medication; individual, couples or family therapy; and group therapy. We also can refer patients to more intensive treatment through the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, if needed.

Our services

Your mental wellness is just as important as your physical health. Through the Behavioral Health Associates clinics, we aim to deliver holistic care. Our services include:  


Our psychiatrists provide treatment in close collaboration with your primary care physician. We prescribe medications to help you function in your daily activities. You then work with your primary care physician to manage your medications. We can also refer you to longer-term treatments if necessary.

Individual, couples or family psychotherapy

At Behavioral Health Associates, we emphasize solution-focused brief treatment (SFBT), which means we focus on finding solutions to help you manage current life challenges.

During psychotherapy, you meet and talk openly with a licensed provider (clinical social worker or marriage and family therapist). This specialist offers a neutral, objective perspective. You may also choose to attend sessions with your partner, other family members or both.

We limit psychotherapy treatment plans to 12 sessions within a six-month period. After your 12 sessions, your therapist can refer you to a UCLA Health community provider if you’d like to continue psychotherapy. You may also participate in group psychotherapy.

Group psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is an opportunity to meet other individuals who have similar symptoms or challenges as you. A licensed provider facilitates a group discussion where you share your experiences. Many sessions also teach you how to improve your coping skills. 

Behavioral and mental health conditions we treat

Our specialists treat the full range of conditions that affect your behavioral, emotional or mental health, including:

Anxiety disorders: Conditions such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder that lead to intense worry or stress about everyday situations

Bipolar disorder: A condition causing dramatic swings in a person’s moods, concentration and energy levels 

Borderline personality disorder (BPD): A serious mental health condition characterized by unstable moods, relationships and self-image

Depression: Persistent feelings of sadness or a loss of pleasure that interferes with daily life 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: A mental health disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that lead to uncontrollable, repetitive behaviors (compulsions)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): A condition that can develop when someone has difficulty recovering from a dangerous, shocking or traumatic event

Schizophrenia: A serious mental disorder that can lead to delusions, hallucinations, trouble thinking and inappropriate behaviors

Treatments we offer

Our Behavioral Health Associates providers use solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) to help you find solutions to current life challenges. With other forms of therapy, you may analyze past life events, family dynamics or thought patterns.

The primary objective of SFBT is setting goals. Your therapist helps you identify goals and the steps you can take to meet those goals and resolve problems. You may receive SFBT as standalone treatment, or it may be part of an overall plan that also includes medication or other therapy styles.

With SFBT, you find quick, effective solutions. If you would benefit from long-term therapy, our specialists can refer you to another psychotherapy provider at the end of your treatment.

Meet our team

Our advanced behavioral health specialists are experienced, licensed professionals providing expert support for behavioral health concerns. We offer comprehensive short-term care in partnership with your primary care physician.

Contact us

Call 310-301-7396 to request an appointment with a Behavioral Health Associates specialist at UCLA Health. You must have a referral from a UCLA Health primary care physician.

Find your care

Our behavioral health clinics are designed to support your well-being. In order to provide coordinated care, we must have a referral from your primary care physician to schedule an appointment. Call 310-301-7396 to learn more about our services.