COVID-19 Chest X-Ray Guideline

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In the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, chest imaging plays a very important role in the early diagnosis and the treatment planning for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 chest infections.

The UCLA Department of Radiology’s Thoracic and Acute Care Imaging (ACI) sections recognized the importance of the chest x-ray in this setting, as it is readily available in the community physician offices, urgent care clinics and hospital emergency departments. To help physicians and radiologists in these settings, they have developed the UCLA Chest X-Ray COVID-19 Guideline.

This Guideline serves to both help identify which radiographic findings are most likely due to COVID 19 chest involvement and which findings should prompt consideration of other causes first. In this current setting, it is vital that Emergency and Primary Care physicians receive clear information from their radiologists to assist in the diagnosis and management of their patients.