Centralized Waste

Centralized Waste

Centralized Waste is a three stream (Landfill, Recycling, Compost) waste bin, strategically placed in a central location within an office/unit. The Centralized Waste bins are intended to replace small deskside waste bins in order to promote better waste diversion, healthier workspaces, and reduce custodian repetitive motion injuries.

Centralized Waste FAQ

Once Centralized Waste bins are implemented, deskside waste bins will no longer be serviced, but can be kept to transport waste. Building occupants will bring and sort their waste at one of these centralized waste bins. 

Central Waste How To

Health and Safety for Everyone

Centralized Waste collection will reduce the number of touch points for both building occupants and custodian staff. Reducing the number of waste bin collections will allow custodians to prioritize cleaning high priority touch points

Building Occupant Benefits:

  • Cleaner and healthier environment and workspaces
  • Improved ergonomics and productivity by taking "microbreaks"

Custodial Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of repetitive motion related injuries
  • Reduced daily plastic bag generation and consumption

You can help UCLA Health maintain a clean and safe environment by carrying out any waste items you have and disposing them in the proper stream. Waste bins now feature new labels and signs, making it simpler for you to know what can be recycled, composted, or landfilled. Liners will also be color coded.

Compost - Green

All organic material accepted. Food scraps and soiled paper products such as coffee filters and greasy pizza boxes can be composted.

For more information, visit the Zero Waste website section for Composting

Recycling - Blue

Hard plastic containers, clean mixed paper, metal containers and foil sheets, and glass containers. MUST be clean and empty containers, otherwise the item risks contamination.

For more information, visit the Zero Waste website section for Recycling

Landfill - Clear

Plastic film and plastic utensils/straws. Mixed material items (made of more than one material, such as laminated paper and chip bags) belong in the landfill

For more information, visit the Zero Waste website section for Landfill

If your department would like to participate in the Centralized Waste program, please contact UCLA Health Sustainability at [email protected]

We will provide the centralized waste bins, education, and signage for the program.

Centralized Waste Bins


Contact UCLA Health Sustainability at [email protected]