Sustainability Blogs

The Seeing Sustainability blog is an initiative to promote transparency, share stories, and connect Bruins who are interested in all things sustainability. Contributions include articles on eliminating single-use plastics, divesting from fossil fuels, eco-friendly recipes, and the connection between coronavirus and climate change among others.

The Center for Healthy Climate Solutions works closely with communities to help people live healthier lives in the midst of the accelerating climate crisis. Their blog hosts a variety of thought-leaders on the most pressing issues in sustainability and climate resiliency.

UCLA Health Contributions to a Fossil Free Future

Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportation

Commuting with Single-Occupancy Vehicles (SOV) significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing all other transportation modes. UCLA Health's 2022-2023 Carbon Action Initiative fellow provided a case for increased sustainable transportation: carpool, active transportation, and public transit.

OR Lighting

OR Lighting Retrofits

Operating rooms (ORs) are three to six times more energy-intensive per square foot compared to hospitals as a whole. In an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, UCLA Health location has identified ways to reduce energy use in the Operating Rooms (ORs).