Yi-Rong Peng, Ph.D, Director

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Image: Santiago Raul y Cajal drawing of the retina, 1900

Research Focus:

The Retinal function and dysfunction laboratory focuses on exploiting and developing state-of-the-art omic (genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic) tools to decode genetic programs that specify cell-type features; reveal the molecular underpinning of the formation and specialization of the human fovea; and uncover molecular signatures that cause the degeneration of retinal cells in common ocular diseases.

Research Directions:

  • Decipher the genetic codes that specify cell-type features
  • Uncover molecular underpinnings of the specialization of macular/foveal region in humans
  • Genome-wide phenotypic studies of common ocular diseases

Contact Information
Office Phone: (310) 825-7883
Email: [email protected]

Location Address 
Stein Eye Institute
Jules Stein Building, Room B-222B
100 Stein Plaza, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095