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Our skilled specialists lead the nation in advanced diagnostics and treatments for pancreatic disease and pancreatic cancer. Call 310-206-6889 to connect with us.

Our integrated practice unit is one of the first of its kind, giving patients a team of pancreatic disease specialists in one centralized clinic. All of our specialists are experts in their fields.

UCLA Agi Hirshberg Center for Pancreatic Diseases: Our Team Approach

UCLA’s team of experts meets weekly to discuss cases, design personalized treatment plans and review outcomes. Patients receive the most advanced pancreatic disease treatments available, with fewer appointments and phone calls.

Meet our team:


Our surgeons perform roughly 150 operations each year, making us one of the highest volume pancreatic surgery centers in the region. UCLA’s expert surgeons include:


Our expert gastroenterologists specialize in gastrointestinal disorders, primarily treating patients without surgery. Our gastroenterology team includes:

Diagnostic Radiology

Our diagnostic radiologists are experts in abdominal and gastrointestinal conditions. They review all imaging scans and provide their input at our weekly conferences. Our diagnostic radiology team includes:

Medical Oncology

Medical oncologists determine whether patients should receive chemotherapy and conduct clinical trials to identify promising new drugs. Learn more about chemotherapy treatment at our center.

Our medical oncology team includes:

Radiation Oncology

Our radiation oncology expert identifies cancer patients who should receive radiation and helps facilitate radiation treatments. Our radiation oncology team includes:

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a medical specialty focused on optimizing patients' quality of life by preventing, identifying, controlling, and treating symptoms and distress associated with a disease or its treatments and ensuring that the plan of care aligns with patients' priorities, values, and goals. All UCLA Health patients with pancreatic cancer are encouraged to establish with our team of Palliative Care experts from the beginning of their treatment, regardless of the stage of their cancer. Learn more about UCLA's specialty Palliative Care services here

Palliative Care physicians with specific involvement in UCLA's pancreatic cancer care program include:  


Our GI dietitian specializes in disorders of the pancreas, including pancreatic cancer. She also leads the program called Nutrition for Safer Surgeries, focused on applying national standards to reduce mortality and morbidity for GI cancer surgical interventions.


The Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology is dedicated to enhancing the lives of those affected by cancer through a multidisciplinary approach. Our psychosocial, psychiatry, nutritional, and spiritual care services provide holistic and compassionate support to patients and their loved ones. All services are made possible through generous donations and are provided free of charge.

Access to a Network of Care at UCLA

We work closely with a number of other specialties across UCLA, connecting patients to care partners as needed. These departments include cardiology, endocrinology, infectious disease, pain management, nutrition and primary care, just to name a few. Another great resource for our patients is the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology; click here for more information on their program.

Genetic Counseling

Approximately 5 to 10 percent of pancreatic cancers are due to an inherited cancer predisposition. Genetic counseling and genetic testing are available at our center. 

A genetic counselor can assess the likelihood that pancreatic cancer in a family is due to an inherited mutation. Genetic counseling can also help individuals and families understand their personal and/or family history of pancreatic cancer and other cancers. 

If genetic testing finds an inherited mutation, we can tailor surveillance and risk reduction strategies for at-risk family members. Learn more about genetic counseling at UCLA.

Our genetic counseling team includes:

Program Staff for UCLA Center for Pancreatic Diseases

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For more information or to make an appointment with our team of specialists, please call us at 310-206-6889.