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We provide targeted care for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Call 800-825-9989 or 310-825-9989 to learn more about our psychiatry services. 

The UCLA Hispanic Neuropsychiatric Center of Excellence (HNCE) provides leadership and a cutting-edge learning environment dedicated to best practices for optimally serving the unique mental health needs of the Hispanic/Latino community.  Housed within the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, the HNCE brings together a multidisciplinary team to develop models of clinical service, training, and research focused on culturally and linguistically proficient care aimed at reducing disparities in treatment outcome.  Very importantly, the HNCE’s mission addresses issues of mental health equity and expands the cadre of highly-trained mental health professionals equipped to provide excellent services to culturally diverse, Spanish-speaking and bilingual/English-speaking persons and their families.  As such, the HNCE offers integrative training for psychiatric residents, psychology and neuropsychology interns and post-doctoral fellows, and social work interns.

The UCLA HNCE includes clinical programs, such as the Spanish-Speaking Psychosocial Clinic (SSPC), the Cultural Neuropsychology Program (CNP), and the newly form Bilingual and Spanish Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Program (BASIC-T) to provide a broad spectrum of integrated clinical services, including psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and neuropsychological assessment for individuals with a variety of medical, neuropsychiatric, and developmental conditions that impact cognition and daily functioning across the lifespan (pediatric, adult, & geriatric).