Access Your Online Medical Information with myUCLAhealth

Get 24/7 Access to Your Medical Information with myUCLAhealth and the MyChart app

Whether you're at work, on the road or at home, you can now actively manage your appointments, communicate securely with your care team, view test results, and much more.

What is myUCLAhealth?

myUCLAhealth offers personalized and secure online access to portions of your health information. Through myUCLAhealth or the MyChart mobile app, you can securely use the Internet to help manage and receive information about your health.

Benefits of myUCLAhealth

Empower yourself with all the tools and features available through myUCLAhealth.

Scheduling medical appointments has never been easier. Simply log in to your myUCLAhealth account, navigate to the “Schedule an Appointment” section within Visits/Clinical Notes, pick the provider you’d like to see, select the reason for your visit, select your preferred date and time and schedule your appointment.

Do you need to ask your care team a quick question? Log in to your account, navigate to the Message Center and send a message to your health care team. They’ll respond shortly.

Log in to your account, navigate to the "Test Results" section, and with just a few clicks, you can view your lab and imaging reports.

Log in to your account, navigate to the "Medications" section, and submit your refill request with a few simple clicks. This ensures seamless access to your prescriptions for ongoing care.

Log in to your account and navigate to the “Billing Summary” section to view balance details and pay your UCLA Health medical bills.

Log into your account and navigate to the “Health Summary” section to access important information such as medications, immunizations, and preventive care information.

Completing your appointment check-in process online before your visit means you can skip most (or all) of the paperwork when you arrive in the waiting room. This convenient feature streamlines your experience and minimizes wait times, ensuring a smoother and more efficient visit.

Log in to your account and navigate to the “Communication Preferences” section to opt in to receive appointment reminders and other notifications by text message, ensuring you never miss an important appointment.

UCLA Health offers text messaging to provide patients with convenient, timely notifications. These include text message appointment reminders, prescription reminders, MyChart notifications, updates related to visits or care management, one-time passcodes, billing alerts and other patient-related messages. You can also confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments via text, and accept or decline appointment wait list offers.

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You can use your smartphone to tell us when you've arrived at your appointment. The MyChart app sends a message to your phone 15 minutes before your appointment time asking if you’ve arrived. As you’re entering the clinic, just tap a button on your phone to let us know you’ve arrived.

Follow these steps to use Appointment Arrival in the MyChart app:

When prompted, or in your mobile app settings, turn on the following features:

  1. Appointment Arrival
  2. Notifications

From your MyChart account:

  1. When you are logged into your myUCLAhealth account or the MyChart app, you will see your upcoming visit. Click I’m here when you’ve arrived.
  2. Click I’m here on the next screen to confirm your arrival.
  3. Click I’m here once again.
  4. Click preCheck-In on the next screen.
  5. Please stop by the front desk to see if there are any additional forms or payments required.

From the Web version of your myUCLAhealth account

  1. Click I’m here.
  2. Click I’m here to confirm you’ve arrived.
  3. Click preCheck-in on the next screen.
  4. Please stop by the front desk to see if there are any additional forms or payments required.

myUCLAhealth Messaging Costs

Most messages patients send to providers through myUCLAhealth are processed quickly and never billed to insurance. But those that take time and medical expertise are considered a type of virtual care — and are billed as such.

Keep this general rule of thumb in mind: If it takes more than a few minutes for your health care provider to respond to your message, your insurance may be billed. Your insurance will not get billed for a myUCLAhealth message if your message doesn’t require medical advice or it can be answered quickly.

Learn more about which types of direct messages in myUCLAhealth are free and which types are billed.

Self-Sign Up

Patients have the option to request an activation code on our website (; this option is not yet available on our MyChart mobile app. This applies to ADULT patients only.

Instant Activation

Due to the rapid expansion of Telehealth, as a result of COVID-19, clinic staff can now remotely sign-up patients for myUCLAhealth via Instant Activation. Feel free to give them a call.

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