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UCLA Health is a safe and supportive environment for transgender and gender diverse patients. Call 310-267-4334 to make an appointment.

Clinical Trials

The UCLA Gender Health Program supports a number of clinical trials and educational opportunities.

Clinical trials are an important step in discovering new medical treatments. Each study is conducted with actual patients and is designed to answer scientific questions and to find new and better ways to provide care for our transgender and gender diverse patients. The following UCLA clinical trials are currently open for enrollment:

People and IVG Study

  • Study description: Do you identify as LGBTQ+? Have you considered building a family? We want to hear from you! Join us for a focus group discussion. Your insights and experiences will guide how we address the emotions, concerns, and needs involved in future options for family-making. For more information, visit
  • UCLA Principal investigator: Anne Le Goff
  • UCLA IRB Approval: #21-000247
  • Contact information: [email protected]

Community Survey

Study Title: Community Survey of the Lifestyle Medicine Needs of Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients

  • Study Description: This research study evaluates the nutritional and behavioral needs of transgender and gender diverse patients. The goal of this study is to understand the nutritional and behavioral needs of transgender and gender diverse people seeking care at UCLA. We hope to use this information to help us develop more comprehensive services for our patients. Your participation in this research study is voluntary.
  • UCLA Principal investigators: Drs. Daniela Delgado, Amy Weimer, and Esther Kang, UCLA Division of General Medicine of the Department of Medicine
  • UCLA IRB approval: IRB#22-001258
  • Contact information: 310-205-7310

The UCLA Gender Journey Project

The UCLA Gender Journey Project is a research study that helps us learn more about growing up as a gender diverse youth. If your child identifies as gender diverse or transgender, is at least 6 years old, and is not yet in puberty, your child may be eligible. UCLA Principal Investigator: Marco Hidalgo, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine-Pediatrics at UCLA. For more information: Call 310-794-2527 or Email [email protected].

Family Therapy Study

Study title: UCLA Study on Family Therapy for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth Ages 12-24 and Their Families

  • Study Description: The research team aims to create a new version of family-focused therapy that helps families understand youths’ gender identity, communicate more easily, and reduce stress. Participation includes interviews, questionnaires, and 12 sessions of family-focused therapy at no cost.
  • UCLA Principal investigator: Natalia Ramos, MD and David Miklowitz, PhD, UCLA Department of Psychiatry
  • Contact information: Call (310) 794-5269 or email [email protected]

For more information about clinical trials at UCLA: UCLA Office of Clinical Trials

Educational Opportunities

UCLA Fellowship in Genital Gender-Affirming Surgery 

This one-year fellowship focuses on all aspects of the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients with gender dysphoria seeking gender-affirming genital surgery.  This is a clinical fellowship with opportunity for research in clinical or population studies. The fellow will practice with faculty primarily at UCLA Urology’s Burbank and Westwood clinics and operate in UCLA’s main Westwood medical center. In addition to clinical responsibilities, the fellow will participate in the multi-disciplinary team of specialists that comprises the UCLA Gender Health Program.  Upon completion of the fellowship, the fellow will be suited to pursue a career in either academic urology or the private sector with a focus on gender-affirming genital surgery.  The fellow will graduate with advanced skills in genitourinary reconstruction for transfeminine and transmasculine surgery and will be fully able to manage medical and surgical issues in patients undergoing primary and revision gender-affirming genital surgery.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Fellowship

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Fellowship Program 2024 – 2025
The objective of the UCLA LGBTQ+ Healthcare Fellowship is to train future primary care physicians to be sensitive, comfortable, clinically knowledgeable and culturally competent in delivering healthcare to sexual and gender minority patient populations.

Facial Gender-Affirming Surgery Fellowship

The UCLA Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is delighted to offer a one-year fellowship focused on Facial Gender-Affirming Surgery. The fellowship is the first of its kind in the world and will primarily emphasize gender-affirming facial reconstruction encompassing an understanding of craniofacial surgical principles, skeletal relationships, orthognathic surgery, facial aesthetic principles, but also include chest and genital reconstruction.   

In addition to surgery, the vision of the fellowship is to generate leaders in gender-affirming care. As such, the fellowship includes time with gender health primary care physicians, endocrinology, behavioral health, urology, as well as collaborative projects with the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.  

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