2023 AMG Leadership Conference

Carla and Quenesha at AMG 2023

April 10, 2023

Quenesha Caballero, DAPM Quality and Safety Programs Administrative Manager, and Carla Gonzalez, DAPM Manager of Operations Administrative Team Support, attended the 2023 UCLA Administrative Management Group (AMG) Leadership Conference on April 10, 2023. Carla is the Special Projects Coordinator of AMG, and Quenesha is a Member at Large. At the leadership conference, they participated in professional development workshops and watched keynote speeches from UCLA leaders Monroe Gorden, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Khush Cooper, Adjunct Professor, Dylan Stafford, Assistant Dean of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Dr. Rachel Bolanos, Executive Director of the Biobehavioral Assessment Research Center, and Judy Fortin, Chief of Communications at UCLA Health. Alongside their fellow UCLA managers and staff, Carla and Quenesha were inspired by fresh ideas and discussion and left ready to tackle challenges in creative and innovative ways.

AMG Conference 2023 leadership