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Welcome! The Well-Being Program works to advocate for the well-being of everyone in the DAPM using progressive well-being science to guide system improvement; the goal is to make our workplace ever more supportive and sustainable. In the DAPM, our goal is to apply a well-being lens to all strategic decisions and departmental actions. 

DAPM Well-Being Program: Insights and Analytics

Fundamental to our programmatic approach to making the worklives of our people more supported and sustainable is our evidence-based and analytic approach to healthcare professional well-being. 

Academic departments face unique challenges, barriers, and threats to wellbeing. Recognizing this, our approach to well-being is anchored on a foundation of robust assessment methodologies and the intelligent utilization of technology. We leverage thoughtful survey efforts, clinical environment feedback opportunities, annual validated burnout and well-being assessment metrics, focus group data (large and small including regular town halls) and so much more. 

While some of our efforts may be department wide initiatives, much of our work is tailored to specific divisions, teams, stakeholder groups, or something else altogether.  Our dynamic and flexible insights and analytics approach is sensitive to the patchwork quilt nature of a modern academic anesthesia department. 

Ultimately, by embracing an evidence-based framework for departmental well-being, our initiatives are designed to be effective, transparent, and conducive to iterative growth. Our goal and intent is to bridge the gap between acknowledging the dire problem that is healthcare professional burnout and worklife dissatisfaction and interventions that help make work both more supported and sustainable. 

Peer Support Program

Our Peer Support Program (PSP) provides support to any of our team members when needed (e.g. after a challenging clinical event). Through our PSP, we help enrich the level of support our providers face when navigating the real challenges faced by healthcare professionals. We also connect individuals with additional resources as necessary. This is one of the ways we approach worklife support, one of the three main pillars of our DAPM Well-Being Program. 

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Health & Well-Being News

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Dr. Jina Sinskey presents to DAPM at Quality of Life Improvement Workshop

Quality of Life Improvement Workshop 

During the Quality of Life Improvement (QOLI) workshop, Dr. Sinskey walked us through a framework designed to address healthcare professional Well-Being incorporating elements from human-centered design, quality improvement, and implementation science. Participants were able to practice developing mini-plans for Well-Being interventions using this approach during this one-hour event.

Group photo of Thanksgiving Meal 2023 featuring DAPM staff

Thanksgiving Team Meal

While the core work of promoting a culture of well-being certainly is not party planning, promoting and supporting our sense of community is one of the programs pillars. The well-being program helped organize, and provided funding for, team meals for anyone who worked for the department on thanksgiving day --- clinically or otherwise.

Group Photo of DAPM Team at SM Town Hall in Dec 2023

Santa Monica Town Hall

As one of the programs first major activities, in collaboration with SMH leadership, the well-being program helped plan and lead a solutions-focused town hall for the DAPM team at UCLA SM Hospital on October 30, 2023.