Alfentanil (1976-2023)


April 2, 2023 | Mansi Sheth, MD

In loving memory of Alfentanil, who met his sudden and untimely demise in February. Born in 1976, Al was an instant hit among anesthesiologists. He gained many fans because he loved to act fast, didn’t stick around unnecessarily, and generally impressed with his smooth attitude. In his later years, he was often overshadowed by his younger sibling Remi but remained popular in more niche anesthetic communities. He continued to have a particularly faithful following in the ophtho anesthesia sector, where he established himself as the premier headliner in a particularly effective but brief cocktail. 

Demand was steady for Al, but alas, it was the supply that lead to his unexpected death. Produced by only one company (Akorn Pharmaceuticals) that ceased operations this February, the supply of Al inevitably dwindled. He was transitioned to comfort care shortly afterwards. 

RIP to a truly unique character - Al, you will be missed! Your utility will be fondly remembered to future residents (who will have no idea what we are talking about but will have no choice but to nod politely). 

A funeral service will be held in Al’s honor by Dr. Zhuang Fang and the JSEI anesthesia group. (Please inquire for details.)