DAPM Administrative Staff present at the Year-End Recap of DGSOM Cultural North Star (CNS) In Action Program

Quenesha Caballero presents at CNS in action year-end recap

On behalf of the DAPM Administrative Staff Well-Being Committee (WBC), Quenesha Caballero presented the WBC story at the Cultural North Star (CNS) Narrative program. During the presentation, she highlighted the steps we've taken on the well-being journey, shared the successes and challenges, and outlined the goals they have set using the CNS in action grant funds to aid in these endeavors.

Nydia Flores and Carla Gonzalez, the immediate past co-chairs of La

Nydia Flores, Carla Gonzalez, and Olivia Vallejo present at CNS year-end recap

 Comunidad (UCLA Health's Affinity group for the Latinx/Hispanic Community), alongside current co-chair Olivia Vallejo, presented the story of La Vecindad. They highlighted the powerful meaning behind this concept and the vision that brought their grant application to life. The presentation showcased the beautiful events supported by the awarded CNS grant, emphasizing how La Vecindad, through notable speakers and interactive discussions, created a space for the UCLA community to embrace underrepresented voices and explore creative expression.