DAPM at UCLA 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium

DAPM at UCLA 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium

By Jonathan Jahr, MD

Jonathan Jahr, MD, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine at UCLA, the UC Davis Department of Surgery, and the Penn Department of Veterinary Anesthesiology created a large animal model of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation 20 years ago and published over 30 studies as part of a collaborative effort.

Recently, two UCLA undergraduate students and two medical students accessed the database retrospectively with Dr. Jahr and Tristan Grogan, MS, DAPM Statistician. They gathered data on changes in hematocrit, hemoglobin, lactate, and base deficit before and after acute blood loss to determine if these laboratory values, with point of care monitoring, might accurately predict the degree of acute anemia and adequacy of therapy on an ongoing basis.

The two UCLA undergraduate students, Stephanie Iskandar and Anamika Patel, presented in May 2024 during UCLA Undergraduate Research Week and did a terrific job showcasing their research. These were their projects:

Project Title: Do Lactate and Base Deficit Accurately Predict the Degree of Hemorrhage and Need for Transfusion: Retrospective Evaluation in a Canine Hemorrhagic Shock Model

Author Line: STEPHANIE ISKANDAR, Jonathan Dang, Tristan Grogan ,Robert A. Gunther, Jonathan S. Jahr

Project Title: Defining Canine Hemorrhagic Shock by Significant Hypotension Model 

Author Line: ANAMIKA PATEL, Ashley Tong, Tristan Grogan, Robert A. Gunther, and Jonathan S. Jahr

Congratulations to Stephanie and Anamika!