Emily Methangkool, MD, MPH: Women Physicians Day, 2023 — We Have More Work To Do, but Also a Lot To Celebrate!

February 3, 2023

Emily Methangkool Photo Congratulations to Dr. Methangkool for Outstanding Service Award!

"I recently had the opportunity to serve as a panelist for the American Medical Women’s Association undergraduate chapter at UCLA. It was both incredible and inspiring to see so many young women interested in a medical career. The undergraduates asked me many thought-provoking questions that forced to me reflect on my career as a woman in medicine - instances where I faced gender bias, how being a woman has helped or hindered my career, and when I knew medicine was the right path for me. Their questions and the subsequent discussion amongst the panelists made me realize that 1) many of my experiences are common to most women in medicine, and 2) although we still have work to do in addressing disparities in pay and leadership, we have also come a very, very, long way and made an incredible amount of progress."

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