HumAnes of UCLA: Frank Perkins, MD, CA-0

First off, thank you so much for being willing to share your story. Where are you from originally? Where did you grow up?
I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (also known as "Brew City," "Cream City," and the "414"), and grew up there. So, when I moved from the 414 area code to the 424 area code, it was the perfect opportunity to update my Instagram bio/handle.


Where did you go for medical school? What made you become interested in anesthesia?
I'm a Badger—I went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. I became interested in anesthesia after realizing all of the coolest things I learned in medical school were directly applicable to anesthesia. Rotating on anesthesia, I realized it was a good fit when the residents and faculty were nerding out about vasopressor choices and various receptor affinities. It's also a great opportunity to help patients through some of their most vulnerable and anxiety-provoking moments.

Where do you live in the city, and why did you pick it?
I live on the border of Santa Monica. Santa Monica always appealed to me because it's also known as Dog Town—​a place with a lot of skateboarding history and the ocean.

When you're not at work, what do you do in your free time to decompress?
Riding my fixie or hopping on the metro with my girlfriend and exploring a new part of the city. This question also makes me realize I really need to pick up my guitar again soon.


How are you feeling about the transition from CA-0 to CA-1? Any particular things you're excited or nervous about?
I'm excited to start the beginning of what will become my career. It's a fresh opportunity to grow skills I will be using for decades to come. I come from a family of tradespeople (for example, my dad is a brick layer and my brother is a plumber), so like them, I want to hone my craft and work with my hands!

Do you have any subspecialties within anesthesia you're particularly excited about exploring more, either as a focus or a fellowship after residency?
Cardiology is probably my favorite medicine subspecialty, so cardiac anesthesia interests me, but critical care also appeals to me because I enjoyed my time in the ICU during intern year.

What are your plans for your next vacation?
My family is actually coming into LA! We plan to check out Channel islands and Universal Studios, but also share some of the low-key areas we have discovered.

Do you have any pets?
I wish! We have a neighborhood cat named Clyde who visits us and hangs out, though.

What are your favorite place in LA to eat out or grab takeout?
Pho Fever is always solid. Annapurna is also an amazing vegetarian-only Indian spot.