Keren Ziv, MD: Our Workplace Culture: Why Does it Matter?

Headshot of Keren Ziv, MD

November 3, 2022

Keren Ziv, MD, Medical Director of the UCLA Community Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Director of Anesthesiology for Interventional Neuroradiology, was invited to speak at the British Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting held in Glasgow, Scotland from November 2-4, 2022. This was her second invited lecture on physician wellness this year.

In her talk, Dr. Ziv provides a summary of current worldwide healthcare burnout statistics and how it relates to workplace culture, descriptions of what defines organizational culture within the healthcare environment, and why incongruence within workplace culture and incivility can cause feelings of cognitive dissonance and moral injury. In order to advise on the improvement of workplace culture, she outlines concepts of psychological safety, leadership's role in culture, examples of culture improvement strategies and resources, and peer support's role in workplace culture.

Dr. Ziv's talk resonated strongly with those in attendance, with some audience members taking their praise to social media:

Dr. Ziv's presentation screen reading "Workplace Culture: Why Does it Matter?"

Excellent talk on workplace culture at @BSIR_News - very relevant and applicable and demonstrates the importance of physiological safety at work. 👏👏 Bravo BSIR for inviting such a good speaker Dr Ziv

— Christopher Clarke (@chrisgdclarke) November 3, 2022


Dr. Ziv presenting on workplace culture at BSIR 2022