Launch of the DAPM Global Health Pathway

September 10, 2023 | Beti Asnake, MD

The UCLA DAPM is excited to have created an educational global health pathway for its residents. As of July 2023, seven residents have joined the pathway and have already received their first lecture titled "Introduction to Global Health Equity in Anesthesia." They will be receiving monthly 1.5-hour lectures from the global health core faculty. Some of the lectures will be given by global health leaders in Internal Medicine and Surgery, making this curriculum truly multi-disciplinary. A full list of the monthly lecture and journal club meetings is below. The residents are also matched 1:1 with global health core faculty mentors, who will be guiding them through their quality improvement/research projects. The first on-site trip is projected to be in November 2023, and our division is hosting an ASA Global Scholar from Ethiopia in October 2023.

Global Health Members




July 25th 3:30-5pm 

Intro to GH in Anesthesia + Resident GH Pathways  

Jason Lee + Beti Asnake 

Aug 16th 5:30-7pm 

Intro to global health in anesthesia 

Beti Asnake 

Sept 7th 5:30-7pm 

History of global health  

Faysal Saab (IM Associate director of GH pathways) 

October 4th 5:30-7pm 

Cultural humility and Ethics 

Christine NB 

Early November 

Pre departure orientation + zoom meeting with Dr. Brhane (chair of Black Lion) 

Beti + Faculty traveling in November 

Nov 6-17th faculty trip 

Nov 6-30th resident trip 

Nov 15th 5:30-7 

Journal Club - Presentation (3 articles) 

3 Residents (Marc Iravani + Christine Trieu) 

Dec 6th 5:30-7pm 

Debrief - Ethiopia first trip SOCIAL setting 

SOCIAL (Robert Eldridge) 

Jan 17th 5:30-7pm 

Surgical disease burden/Trauma - Africa focus 

Catherine Juillard /Ariane Christie (trauma surgery) 

Early February 

Pre departure orientation 

Beti + Faculty traveling in February 

Feb 21st 5:30-7pm 

Practical Skills in resource constrained settings 

Christine Trieu 

March 20th 5:30-7pm 

Journal Club - Presentation (3 articles) 

3 Residents (Cris Vallera + Robert Eldridge) 


April 10th 5:30-7pm 

Pain and analgesia in the global context  

John Patton  

May 15th 5:30-7pm 

Key players in GH  

Tiffany Williams