Project Lead the Way: Winter 2024 School Visits

DAPM Physicians at Winter 2024 High School Project Lead the Way Visits

Thank you to the volunteers who came out for outreach visits this month – Drs. Lam, Le, Markar, Patton, Salehi, Snider! 

Each lead engaging hands-on workshops teaching dozens of high school students about the application of ultrasound to better understanding vascular anatomy/physiology and for procedural guidance, including peripheral arterial lines, central venous lines, and US-guided PIVs (where they got to use gel pads to cannulate vessels!). Their ability to connect, inspire, and teach these students is exceptional and reflected in the great feedback after each visit. 

For those who are interested in volunteering in the future, please consider coming out for the field trip to UCLA that I will be planning in late April. If you are on the fence, I'd love to answer any questions to encourage your involvement. -Sophia Poorsattar, MD