Resident Retreat 2022

October 14-16, 2022

The DAPM Resident Physicians spent the weekend in Hermosa Beach for the 2022 Resident Retreat! The trainees bonded over beach sports, painting, and a beautiful beach sunset. As Dr. Christine Myo-Bui, Associate Residency Program Director states, "Friendships are so important during training years and it is these times outside of the hospital that make the journey even more special!"

A Shoutout to Our Volunteers!

The Resident Retreat would not have been possible without the gracious help of our department body! Thank you to the below clinicians for generously volunteering to cover the residents' shifts.

  • Ryan Bakhit, DO, MHS
  • David Boldt, MD
  • Cecilia Canales, MD
  • John Chalabi, MD
  • Victor Duval, MD
  • Eilon Gabel, MD
  • Vadim Gudzenko, MD
  • Marisa Hernandez-Morgan, MD, MA
  • Elliot Higgins, MD
  • Jonathan Ho, MD
  • Samuel Hong, MD
  • Karen Hwang, MS, CRNA
  • Jocelyn Kerpelman, MD, MS
  • Shradha Khadge, MD
  • Albert Lee, MD
  • Leo Li, MD
  • Elaine Liew, MD
  • Jure Marijic, MD
  • James Moore, MD
  • Christine Myo-Bui, MD
  • Kaveh Navab, MD
  • Christine Nguyen-Buckley, MD
  • Hayley Osen, MD
  • Edward Park, MD
  • Swati Patel, MD
  • Andrea Poon, MD
  • Wendy Ren, MD
  • Maggy Riad, MD
  • Louis Saddic III, MD, PhD
  • Dane Saksa, MD
  • Ali Salehi, MD
  • Touraj Sedigh, CRNA
  • Michael Sliff, CRNA
  • Michael Sopher, MD
  • Joel Stockman, MD
  • Colby Tanner, MD
  • Cristianna Vallera, MD
  • Tiffany Williams, MD, PhD
  • Christopher Wray, MD
  • Andrew Young, MD
Dr. Elliot Higgins on call in Santa Monica
Dr. Elliot Higgins on call in Santa Monica
DAPM Resident Retreat Cover
Dr. Tiffany Williams
Dane Saksa and Sara Navab on late night call
Drs. Dane Saksa and Sara Navab on late night call
Phones on Call
Lots of phones to cover for Dr. Saksa!