Resident Rotation in Hangzhou, China

SAHZU in the early 20th century
This photograph was taken in SAHZU in the early 20th century. The scene captures Dr. David Duncan Main, a British physician and the first hospital president, greeting a pediatric patient.

Through a partnership with the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU), UCLA anesthesiology residents have the opportunity to participate in a clinical and educational rotation at SAHZU, a tertiary medical center. Founded in 1869, SAHZU is one of the largest hospitals in Zhejiang province practicing Western Medicine. With over 3,200 inpatient beds, 60 operating rooms, and a volume of over 60,000 surgical cases per year, residents participate in a wide range of clinical experiences, including cardiac anesthesiology, neurosurgical anesthesiology, pain medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and more. Residents attend and participate in morning conference, journal club, and case discussions as well as learn different techniques to anesthetize patients. SAHZU provides an invaluable experience for our residents, who immerse themselves in a different healthcare system with a different patient population and different resources. They return home not only with a rich and memorable cultural experience, but also with a new perspective.