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About Ballism

General Information

  • Hemiballism involves involuntary, violent movements on one side of the body. They are especially violent because they involve the muscles where the limbs attach to the body.
  • The most common cause is stroke or tumor.


  • The abnormal movements of ballism consist of involuntary hurling, irregular, frequently violent movements of the shoulder and arm while the patient is awake.


  • The early treatment of choice for ballism is medication to help regulate dopamine and other brain chemicals and processes that control movement and emotions.
  • Since this disorder is frequently temporary, surgery is considered only if symptoms persist for two to three months, or if the movements are so violent they exhaust the patient.
  • Stereotactic surgery allows doctors to pinpoint locations in the thalamus, the portion off the brain that relays sensory impulses, and create lesions that ease abnormal movements.


  • Results of surgery are satisfactory in 50 percent to 69 percent of patients.

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