Neurofibromatosis Type 2 and Schwannomatosis

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About our Center

UCLA Multidisciplinary NF2 and Schwannomatosis Clinic

The UCLA NF2 Clinic offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) and schwannomatosis patients. We are focused on caring for the holistic needs of our patients. The core team includes pediatric and adults neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-otologists, and clinical geneticists. The team convenes regularly with a panel of experts in relevant sub-specialties (neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-radiology, neuro-pathology, audiology) and with NF2 specialists at the House Clinic, to design an individualized patient and family-centered plan of care to meet each patient's unique medical needs. The UCLA NF2 Clinic is one of the few in the country that sees both adults and children. As part of UCLA Health, the NF2 clinic provides access to state-of-the-art imaging and surgical facilities as well as world-renowned experts in "bench to bedside" NF research and clinical trials.

The UCLA NF Clinic is part of a national and international collaboration of medical centers and providers seeking to find the best treatments for patients with NF and to advance research. Their goal is to provide a patient-centered medical home for this life-long, complicated syndrome. Care providers at the UCLA NF Clinic are part of one of the largest brain and peripheral nerve tumor centers in the world. The clinic is designated as an affiliated clinic of the Children’s Tumor Foundation and is part of the Department of Defense-sponsored NF Clinical Trials Consortium.  Our clinic director is also a member of the Response Evaluation in Neurofibromatosis & Schwannomatosis (REiNS) International Collaboration.

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To Request an Appointment: Call us at (310) 825-5111 or send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment or refer a patient.
Our team wants to make sure we are prepared for your visit. In order for our comprehensive care team to create a personalized plan of care, we request you provide the following materials prior to your clinic visit with us:

  1. A copy of your MRI/CT disks
  2. Surgical, diagnostic imaging and pathology reports
  3. Medical records
  4. Referrals (if necessary)

After we have gathered your basic information, one of our team members will schedule an appointment for you with the appropriate medical provider. Please submit a copy of all of your medical records (as indicated above) to our office in advance of your appointment. In addition, please bring all original imaging and records to your appointment.



Neurofibromatosis Clinic Doctors and Staff

At the UCLA NF Clinic, a team of doctors and other health care professionals works together to provide the most effective and safest treatment possible for patients with neurofibromatosis. The core members of the UCLA NF Clinic care team include genetic counselors, neurologists, neuro-oncologists, neuro-otologists, and neurosurgeons.

Clinic Directors
Phioanh (Leia) Nghiemphu, MD, Director
Marco Giovannini, MD, PhD, Scientific Director

Core team members:

Akira Ishiyama, MD
Quinton Gopen, MD

Richard Everson, MD
Marvin Bergsneider, MD
Anthony C. Wang, MD
Isaac Yang, MD

Michel Kalamarides, MD, PhD
(Liaison with European NF Network)

Laura Bonelli, MD

Clinical Genetics
Vivian Y. Chang, MD
Julian A. Martinez, MD, PhD

Noriko Salamon, MD
Stellios Karnezis, MD

William H. Yong, MD

Other doctors and health care professionals with special expertise in neurofibromatosis may also be part of the care team.


Support Groups

Many people and families with neurofibromatosis or schwannomatosis appreciate being in touch with other people who are similarly affected. The following is a list of support services which can help the patient and family members cope with the emotional and practical issues being faced.

Childrens Tumor Foundation Logo
Children's Tumor Foundation
The Children's Tumor Foundation offers resources on neurofibromatosis (NF) research opportunities, as well as information on the condition.


Neurofibromatosis Logo
Neurofibromatosis California
NF California's goal is to create a community of support for individuals and families affected by Neurofibromatosis through education, patient advocacy, coalitions, raising public awareness, and supporting research and treatments for a cure.

Clinical Trials

The Neurofibromatosis Tumor Program at UCLA is at the forefront of medical innovation. We are involved in numerous clinical trials to further our understanding of NF tumors and to develop new treatments. For further information about clinical trials, please send an email to [email protected].