Brainstem Glioma

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Brainstem Glioma - Brain Tumor

About Brainstem Gliomas: Symptoms, Treatment and Diagnosis

The type and location of the Brainstem Glioma tumor determines treatment options. Most patients require complex management only available at a comprehensive cancer center such as UCLA, where a team of physicians can work together. Advanced technology and equipment at UCLA allows safer surgery and radiation therapies for Brainstem Gliomas.


  • Biopsy confirms the diagnosis when the tumor may actually be an ependymoma or atypical glioma.


  • Surgery
    • The extent of removal and freedom from complications depend upon the skill and experience of your neurosurgeon.
    • Half of adults and children with brain stem tumors will develop a pressure build-up inside the brain necessitating a shunt.
  • Radiation therapy
  • Clinical trials


  • The success of treatment is dependent upon the type of brainstem glioma, the amount of tumor removed during surgery and response to therapies.

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